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The Workshop

This intensive half-day learning experience is designed to help participants become consistently effective communicators at every relationship level in their work, both internally and externally.

Participants will learn the foundational skills of Emotional Intelligence and Adaptive Communication.  As they learn to build on and master these skills, they will achieve a higher level of personal productivity, reduced stress and conflict, and greatly increased personal effectiveness.

Each participant begins their workshop experience by undergoing a personal behavioral assessment.  This process yields a comprehensive 20+ page Executive Behavioral Assessment report.  This report is designed to introduce participants to the language of Emotional Intelligence, greatly increase their own self-awareness and to begin the process of self-management, two of the foundations of  Emotional Intelligence. 

Instead of relying on a subjective sense of their own personal behavioral model, each participant is provided with an objective, measurable, and highly credible report from which they can learn.

This report is based on the Universal DISC language and is the most strongly validated and widely used such instruments in business with over 3 million individuals and thousands of organizations worldwide having used  it to date

Prior to the workshop each participant is debriefed thoroughly on his/her report  by a certified behavioral analyst who is also the workshop leader.  The leader will also use this time to better understand the participants expectations for the workshop. 

An important part of the pre-workshop assignment requires that each participant identify his/her "critical audience."  This audience is made up of 3-5 individuals with whom it is critical that the participant communicates and works effectively with without unnecessary friction.  Before they leave the workshop, each participant will have developed a communication strategy for each person in their critical audience

Through this process, the participants each bring a personal "context for learning" and are then ready to begin applying the data contained in their report during the workshop.

Once the participants understand their own behavioral model, they're ready to  learn about other peoples' models; how to identify them, how to adapt to them, what each of them "needs" in a business relationship, etc.   This part of the workshop addresses the next two fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence: social awareness and relationship management.  Participants will learn that treating others the way they themselves would like to be treated (aka, the Golden Rule) simply doesn't work in business.  They'll learn precisely how other people want to be treated and communicated with.  This is Adaptive Communication.  They'll learn how to quickly adapt to virtually any behavioral model they may encounter and to communicate differently and effectively with each one.

Approximately 2-3 weeks after the Workshop, each participant is invited to participate in a follow-up coaching session with the workshop leader.  The purpose of this follow-up is to ascertain the effectiveness of the critical audience strategies: what's working, what's not, etc., and to make any course corrections necessary to bring the strategy back into effectiveness.  The workshop leader will coach each participant through a personal and practical application of the principles covered during the workshop experience.


The Emotionally Intelligent Communicator workshop is an excellent and cost effective way to introduce an organization or team to the basics of both Emotional Intelligence and Adaptive Communication.  Participants will come away with a thorough grounding in both concepts as well as practical strategies to apply the learning in a personal context.  They will not just understand "What" to do, but "How" to do it as well.

Each workshop is configured to the needs of the organization through the pre and post workshop coaching components and participants are individually coached through an application of the learning.  A summary of observations and recommendations is provided to the corporate sponsor at the conclusion of the workshop

Applications for Emotional Intelligence and Adaptive Communication include:

  • Personal Communications Effectiveness

  • Leadership Development

  • Behavioral Selling

  • Coaching and Mentoring Effectiveness

  •  Conflict Resolution

  • Team Building

The Workshop Leader

The Emotionally Intelligent Communicator workshop is led by John Delmatoff, a highly experienced executive coach with over 30 years of experience in leading business organizations and working with mid to senior level executives in a wide range of organizations.

The concept and content for the workshop is based on Mr. Delmatoff's extensive experience as a both an organizational leader and an executive coach. 

Mr. Delmatoff is certified by Target Training International as a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst.